If you’re looking for fully integrated digital marketing services for your field, but are unsure as to exactly what you need, take a look at the section below which outlines different packages offered by Shaun Digital that are specially tailored to your industry to promote you to your audience.

If you already know exactly what you want you can see the individual services that I am skilled in at the foot of the page.

Field Packages

Looking for ideas of how my marketing services can be used in your field? See the packages below for creative, enterprise and academic marketing services.

Academic Services

The way in which knowledge spreads through academia is changing, and the ways in which we network are changing too. By recognising and taking control of your own online presence you can give yourself an enviable advantage in an newly developing academic climate that many are slow to adapt to.

With many years of working in academic environments, across three institutions, I am able to offer a special insight into the needs of researchers and related groups, and I can offer you bespoke help in the following areas:

  • Academic Networking through Social Media
  • Sophisticated web presence and design
  • Full training and documentation on how to organise your social persona

Enterprise Services

All emerging businesses these days need an online presence; whether you’re offering a service, retailing, or anything in between your customers will be looking for you online.

Using my experience of setting up everything from business incubation units to freelance architects, I know how to help grow your business quickly through the handling of your digital marketing.

Enterprise clients may require the following services:

  • Consultancy and strategic planning to help audit and plan your marketing actions.
  • Rapid social media expansion that hits the right audience.
  • New cutting edge website with well branded design work and engaging copy.
  • Advertising through PPC, CRM and multimedia.
  • Staff training.
  • Metric analysis and reviewing marketing activity.

Creative Services

Are you an artist? Painter? Writer? Tattoo Artist? Gallery Curator? Translator? Sculptor? Musician? Dancer? Poet?

Let me show you how you can let the world know how good you are. Getting your work out there on a vast and mostly free internet is difficult, but through utilising the right channels and getting your craft seen by the right people I can offer you a full digital marketing campaign that will gather a lot of interest.

A creative marketing package may include:

  • Portfolio and online submissions.
  • Audio and video recording and editing, suitable for online viewing.
  • Creative website design.
  • Auditing of social media presence.

Shaun Digital Integrated Marketing Strategy

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